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Who is Nessel Development?? October 8, 2009

Not only do we have the Coolest apartments in central Dallas, but we’ve got the Hottest and most committed staff!

At Nessel we care about a lot of things, from our residents and their furry friends, to our ever changing environment. We also care about what’s happening saturday night, and what’s the best food for Monday’s lunch. This blog will give you that information! 

Below you’ll see some big words and even bigger commitments, and you bet we mean all of it!

Nessel Development began its involvement in multi-family property management in 1997 and has varied experience in apartment buildings, mobile home parks, retail and mixed-use properties. ND’s experience includes all aspects of multi-family housing management including new construction, property renovation, financing and day-to-day on-site responsibilities. ND operates as a multifamily turn-around specialist. We accomplish this by purchasing distressed properties at reasonable enough prices that allow us to invest as much as is needed to complete aesthetic rehabilitation and operational improvements (structural improvements when needed). We accomplish this through creative acquisition techniques, engaged project management and repetitive and tried rehabilitation practices. Further, economical purchase prices increase ND’s allowed margin of error with commonly occurring construction cost overruns and/or slower than expected occupancy fill up.

        Nessel Development’s mission is four fold: (a) to enrich the life of our residents by providing a comfortable urban living experience with a strong sense of community, peacefulness and wellness, (b) to exemplify best practices in the industry for sustainable development in multi-housing, (c) to improve the life of our employees by showing a genuine interest in their personal growth, health, and job satisfaction, and (d) through the financial success of our efforts, to contribute at least seventy-five percent of the wealth which is created toward groups which promote compassionate and sustainable living.

       Nessel Development currently owns properties in Ohio and Texas and is in the process of growing within the Dallas market while selling off its remaining assets in Cleveland.


One Response to “Who is Nessel Development??”

  1. Joe Freeman Says:

    I need a studio for part time use when I come to Dallas to see relatives and other things. I recently sold my residence in Flower Mound, and my primary residence is in Napa CA.

    I am especially interested in your listing in n the Vickery/Richalnd College area.

    Please have someoen contact me via phne 972 365 9285 or eamil.

    Joe Freeman

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